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At The Avanti hotel - Thessaloniki (Chlorica) where we are presenting  private birthday party's & weddings

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Phew....what a night! We kept going (as I am sure you might imagine until the very early hours. You got the party going(not that our friends need a lot of encouragement) thank you for everything we had a blast!
It's Party Time.......With djpaphos
We are experienced in arranging and performing at Weddings, parties and special occasions. Just let us know what you require and we'll do the rest. For a no obligation quote please contact us via email or phone.
Modern day DJ equipment including lights, excellent and professional sound system and up to date song list (always up to date with the top forty and a back catalogue from 1930’s to present day).
Where would a wedding, party or bar be without the DJ? Disc jockeys provide more than the playlist - they set the mood, get people dancing, and sometimes even emcee the reception.

Although some people think that DJs simply show up to an event with a laptop and press play, being a DJ actually requires a ton of work behind the scenes. Dave who is main DJ for spins at parties in and around the Paphos area and a great deal of work goes into Dave setting up for the perfect party. Dave as the latest DJ equipment and sound systems to produce a great and professional disco party. He makes sure that he has the right play-list for the type of venue and party and keeps the music going till the early hours.

Dave is involved with the pre-planning, and curating the playlist for each event,” and for a wedding, pre-planning can be anything from site visits, lighting design, being involved with the rehearsal, coordinating/sound checking with performers, or practicing pronouncing the names of the bridal party!
What a great was fun, exciting and very well organised. Dave the DJ was fabulous and the sound and lights were amazing. All in all it rounded off the evening in what was a fantastic day. Well done D&J juke box Jive.
Box Jive
50's & 60's Rock 'n Roll
D&J's Juke
We also specialise in Rock & Roll 50's and 60's music. If you like the idea of the old rock & roll hits....Get in touch and we can arrange a night of fantastic fun and dance the night away with the old rock & roll classics!
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For more Information without any obligation you can email us or contact us by phone
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Telephone on: 96349276
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